A paradise in danger

The Maldives is, to date, a paradise made of sea, sun and leisure for the millions of tourists who choose it as their holiday destination every year. The main problem of the various Resorts, which are located on small isolated atolls, is to be able to carry out a proper waste management as to not invade at any time and in any way the prestigious vacation of their guests.

The main types of waste the Resorts have to dispose of are the following:

  • Pruning waste
  • Waste carried by sea storms
  • Food waste
  • Paper, cardboard, packaging material.

An improper management of these types of waste results in:

  • Unpleasant smell
  • The proliferation of rats, worms, cockroaches, insects
  • Marine pollution and beach deterioration
  • Severe inconveniences for the guests.

At the present time waste is often improperly stored, sometimes in floating structures whose problems are easily imaginable, to be sent afterwards in “landfill islands” as the sadly known Tilafushi, also known as “Plastic Island”.  It came into existence during the early 1990s as a temporary solution to the waste issue of the Maldives; back then the government gave orders to dig pits in the sand and deposit waste in the midst of each pit and then cover it all again with sand thus alternating layers of waste and sand. The atoll is a landfill-island where waste is burned in the open every day, all day long.  To date the government has not installed waste-to-energy plants because they are too expensive and they could hardly be managed by local non- specialized labour.  In 2011 the government banned the transporting of waste to Tilafushi, still piles of 15 meters or even more remain there, made of garbage, plastic, hospital and industrial waste dumped over the years, without considering waste illegally dumped on the island or dragged there by the currents. These wastes are highly toxic and they are inevitably polluting the Maldive’s heavenly sea; furthermore, due to sea storms, plastic and other waste are dragged into the sea and return to the beaches of the 5-star Resorts.


The solution is to install in each Resort a small incinerator mod. EXCE, with destructive potential from 30 kg/h to 500 kg/h, according to specific requirements, suitable for treating the aforementioned waste, easy to use and easy to maintain. In this way the Resorts will solve their waste disposal issue and they will no longer have to worry about long storage period and the related issues arising from it. Waste is treated at temperatures of over 1000°C decreasing its volume by over 97%; the result of the combustion are simply manageable inert ashes.

The incinerators mod. EXCE are plants designed to be easily used even in remote places by non specialized personnel. The peculiar systems to reduce emissions that can be installed enable the plant to comply with the most stringent anti-pollution regulations.

Our incinerators mod. EXCE are designed to be equipped with automated systems to load  waste and unload ashes.

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