Our ovens mod. T-BULL are designed to meet the need for immediate mobility and ease of use. Once reached the place of use, it takes 10 minutes for positioning and the oven is ready for steady operation. The entire system is installed on a sturdy steel preassembled skid and equipped with hooks for handling; on the structure are firmly secured: incinerator with postcombustion chamber for reducing emissions, process chimney, control panel, diesel tank and generating set.

The ovens mod. T-BULL are ideal to act quickly and effectively in emergencies such as cattle epidemics or disasters of any kind. Simple handling and ease of use make them indispensable in military bases, construction sites, farms, hospitals and communities that are located in remote areas.

The incineration chamber has a total volume of 12 m3, 7 m3 of which are loadable. At the base of the chamber it is installed a grid made of pre-formed refractory blocks with a high content of Al2O3; the flame of no. 4 burners passes below them in order to make the combustion as quick and efficient as possible. In the upper part of the chamber, no. 2 more burners are installed in order to uniform the heat and further facilitate the combustion. The ashes are easily discharged through no. 4 doors located at the base of the oven.

The effluent gases from the incineration chamber flow into a postcombustion chamber through a calibrated duct; within the postcombustion chamber, they are guaranteed conditions that allow the perfect removal of VOC, as prescribed by the current anti-pollution regulations, namely:

◽ Time contact gas: > 2"

◽ Working temperature: > 850°C

◽ Free oxygen level: > 6%

◽ Entry speed: 10 m/s

At the exit of the postcombustion chamber it is installed a stainless steel chimney, which is secured to the structure by a sturdy hinge that allows a convenient assembly during use and firmly locked by special hooks for transport. The fuel tank and the generating set guarantee the operation of the system in all circumstances without the need for connections to external users.

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