Our waste incinerators mod. ROTOMAC are rotary or oscillating combustion chamber furnaces, which are suitable for the incineration of almost all types of solid and liquid waste such as whole animals, slaughtering waste and generic organic waste but also hazardous and not-hazardous hospital waste and generic industrial waste.

They are also an excellent solution for the disposal of waste sludge, both dry or containing high percentages of water.

It is possible to set up the system with waste loading and automatic ash unloading systems in order to carry out continuous cycle work, even 24 hours a day.

The slight rotary motion imposed on the combustion chamber accelerates the dehydration and incineration processes of the waste, thereby reducing fuel consumption compared to a similar static system.

It is possible to install energy recovery systems for the production, at zero cost, of hot water, steam or superheated diathermic oil.

On each oven mod. ROTOMAC there is a postcombustion chamber, adequately structured so as to comply with the operating parameters imposed by current anti-pollution regulations such as:

Working temperature: >850 °C > 1100 °C according to waste category
Gas duration: 2 seconds
Free oxygen level: 6%

Customized depuration systems can be combined with the postcombustion chamber, in order to guarantee full compliance with all emission limits and anti-pollution regulations.

ROTOMAC incinerators have a destroying power varying from 100 kg/h to 500kg/h.

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