Our waste incinerators mod. EXCE OS are discontinuous static ovens, with top loading system.

They have been designed for thermo destruction of waste material having medium-high lower calorific value (L.C.V.).

Suitable for the incineration of hospital waste, medical waste, small communities’ waste, cemeterial waste, shopping centers’ waste, airports’ waste and gum, paper, wood, agricultural industries’ waste.

Every EXCE OS oven has a gas post-combustion chamber, fabricated to respect working parameters imposed by the REGULAMENTATION 2000/76/EC, such as:

◽ Working temperature: >850 °C > 1100 °C according to waste category
◽ Time contact gas: 2 seconds
◽ Free oxygen level: 6%
◽ Easy installation and maintenance
◽ Very competitive price
◽ Hight Quality

EXCE OS incinerators have:

A destroying power varying from 10 kg/h to 500 kg/h
Loading capacity varying from 100 kg/cycle to 1250 kg/cycle

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