Crematory ovens mod. FT have been designed with an innovative technique which allows to maximize the cremation process, thanks to finest refractory materials and systems for heat recovery and reutilization which otherwise would be lost in the atmosphere.

Some models available:

Communicating or superimposed chambers;
Covering with flat or corrugated stainless steel sheets
Extra accessories for process automation are available
At the bottom of the combustion chamber are installed two ducts, for ashes and for zinc recovery.

They can be reached with two doors respectively placed, in front of the combustion chamber and on its side. This is an easy way to remove ashes and zinc and to begin a new cremation cycle.

Gases coming up through cremation chamber are directed towards a post-combustion chamber, where they are subjected at a temperature of 900 °C which produces gases oxidation. Therefore fumes and smells disappear in compliance with antipollution regulations.

Cremators can be equipped with systems for analysis of emissions in atmosphere and plants for fumes purification.

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