The burn off ovens mod. TR, designed and manufactured by us, are suitable for:

Paint stripping of waste products due to mistaken painting
Regeneration of metal products through repainting
Paint stripping of paint booth tools such as hooks, connecting rods, grilles, etc.
Removal of insulating resin from motors envelopments. Motors regeneration with subsequent firing of resins follows this process.

For. Tec. studied a heat stripping process based on different stages that make it non-invasive and to protect products from deterioration.

During the first stage, the heat stripping oven works under controlled conditions keeping a constant temperature; during the second stage the oven temperature increases till reaching the overheating of pieces in it contained,to the temperature of about 430° (depending on materials used) and the complete decomposition of their envelopments.

The planned injection during the cycle of nebulized liquid avoids the beginning of auto combustion episodes and allows the dross detachment from metals treated.

Gases coming from pyrolysis chamber are transferred into a post-combustion chamber where they oxidize under a temperature of 900 °C . Therefore fumes and bad smells are removed and antipollution regulations are observed

The plant is furnished with an energy recovery system from gases going lost in the atmosphere. Heat can be recovered and reutilized during the combustion process.

This system guarantees savings on operating costs.

Materials can be loaded by a metal trolley.

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