For.Tec. Incinerators Manufacturer

Technology at the service of the environment

For.Tec. is an Italian Company with forty years of experience designing, manufacturing, selling and installing high-tech ecologic plants. Thanks to detailed engineering studies and skilled technicians’ collaboration, we can offer a full range of incinerators for almost every type of waste, sophisticated crematories and new concept industrial ovens. All our efforts are directed towards the fulfillment of each customer’s needs: our technical staff daily performs, with great professionalism, analysis of customers’ specifications, feasibility studies, customized designs and tests, after-sales services and remote assistance. Our strengths are great reliability, high level of efficiency and security of our products, high quality materials, great attention to details and short delivery times.


For.Tec. Incinerators Manufacturer

For.Tec is leader on design, construction, installation and selling of high-tech ecologic plants. Our strength and pride derive from plants for waste, fumes treatment and water depuration.

Thanks to collaboration and know-how of our technicians, we can offer plants with a high engineering value, to satisfy any customer needs. Our production follows accurate processes and guarantees constant quality, compliance with delivery terms and high reliability.

Besides the ordinary guarantee we offer a period of planned maintenance, to keep a high level of efficiency and security of our incinerators.

We also provide the bringing up to standards of the old incineration plants in compliance with the most restrictive national and European measures.

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